Slow Ride: Sleeper SEALs Book2 Releases today!

You are hereby invited to join former Navy SEAL Keegan MacDonald and FBI Agent Jules Lawson on on luxury cruise to paradise, which leaves from Baltimore Harbor on 9/26. It could be a tropical adventure to die for.  Pack your bags for action and adventure and prepare to stay up all night. Pre-Order Slow Ride: Sleeper SEALs Book 2

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SLOW RIDE: Sleeper SEALs Book 2

The Sleeper SEALs are former U.S. Navy SEALs recruited by a new government counter-terror division to handle solo dark ops missions to combat terrorism on US soil.


Lt. Commander Keegan MacDonald has to face the fact his injury meant he was washed up as a SEAL, but who was he without the teams as part of his life? Even though he loved bikes, being a grease monkey at his uncle’s motorcycle shop sure wasn’t providing that answer.

When he gets a call for a special mission from the commander of a spec ops government contractor group, Keegan grabs onto the lifeline with both hands. Not only would he be helping find an intel leak which could jeopardize his teammates in the field, he might be able to find his own purpose during the mission too.

Keegan goes undercover at the Lily Pad, an off-base strip club where the government believes the special access intel is being passed, and quickly narrows down his suspects. The list includes Jules Lawson, a sexy, mouthy waitress who seems to have a hidden agenda.

When that agenda meshes with his own, and he finds out they are on the same team, but at opposite ends of the field, can they put together a partnership? Or will her inexperience and thirst for vengeance get them both killed?

Better yet, when the mission creeps into something much bigger than an intel leak, could he count on the beautiful agent to have his six while they saved the world? Or would she redefine his world in the process?

Each book in this multi-author branded series is a standalone novel and the series does not have to be read in order.

EXCERPT from SLOW RIDE: Sleeper SEALs Book 2 (c) 2017, Becky McGraw

“The café is about five blocks from here,” she said, stepping around him.

“I really just came back here to offer you a ride home because of your ankle.  I figured you’d try to sneak out the back,” he replied, grabbing her arm. “My bike is around the side of the building. Let’s go.”

How did he know she was on foot?  That she didn’t have a vehicle here?  Better yet that she didn’t have a boyfriend picking her up?

When she walked around the side of the building with him and he waved at Candi, who was getting into the car with her boyfriend, Blane, Jules had her answer. This man had been asking around about her with the other employees.

Definitely not good.

When he stopped beside an expensive custom bike parked at the far end of the building, Jules insides took a slow, sexy roll and her mind soared down the road on that bike. Her feet carried her toward him, and by the time she arrived, her mind was halfway to Virginia Beach.

“Wow…that is a beautiful machine, Mr. MacDonald,” Jules said, awestruck as she stopped to take in the full glory of the badass Harley V-Rod Muscle with a lowered front end, black powder-coated airbox cover, billets and pipes.

When her mind snapped back to the present, she wondered how an unemployed SEAL could afford to own such a bike.  More questions that needed answers, because she immediately rejected the answer that presented. He was selling his skills to the enemy at an exorbitant price.

“This is a first. I’ve never had a woman lust over my bike before. I should’ve painted it black a long time ago,” he said, laughing as he held out his flat black half-shell helmet to her. “Here, wear my helmet because I don’t have two.”

She took the helmet, but he moved and the light reflected off of a shiny black spot on the tank and she stepped closer to run her fingers over the decal, trying to figure out what it was.

“What’s this?” she asked, tracing it again.

“Bonefrog,” he mumbled, as he went behind the bike and pulled a leather jacket from the saddlebag, then slid it on.

“What does it mean?” she asked, realizing it was a frog skeleton holding a triton.

“It means I’m a washed up fucking SEAL. Just put the damned helmet on—I’m tired and hungry,” he growled.

Ouch. Touchy subject, which also pointed to the conclusion she didn’t want to make.

He pushed the bike forward off of the stand, then cranked it. She felt the throaty sound and vibrations in her chest as she snapped the chin strap. A thrill ripped through her as she pushed her duffle to her back and stepped on the peg. He scooted forward and she threw her leg over the seat then settled behind him.

 A sense of rightness soothed her as she melded her body with his, slid her arms around his trim waist and laid her face against his broad back. The scent of the smooth, well-worn leather under her cheek soothed her, his heat inflamed her and the vibrations under her titillated her.

This man was as badass as his bike, dark and dangerous. Alpha men did it for her. If they owned a bike, she was done for. This man and this bike were her ultimate fantasy.

He put the bike in gear and a rush of freedom surged through her as he zoomed across the parking lot. She could fantasize all she wanted, but Jules knew as soon as she got off this bike, she was going to have to forget this ever happened.

She was here to do a job, and this bad boy had just been added to her suspect list.

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Becky McGraw – SLOW RIDE – 9/26/17 *RELEASES TOMORROW*

Dale Mayer – MICHAELS’ MERCY – 10/3/17 <<Next up!

Becca Jameson – SAVING ZOLA – 10/17/17

Sharon Hamilton – BACHELOR SEAL – 10/31/17

Elle James – MONTANA RESCUE – 11/14/17

Maryann Jordan – THIN ICE – 11/28/17

Donna Michaels – GRINCH REAPER – 12/12/17

Lori Ryan – ALL IN – 1/9/18

Geri Foster – BROKEN SEAL – 1/23/18

Elaine Levine – FREEDOM CODE – 2/6/18

J.m. Madden – FLAT LINE – 2/20/18

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