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37 thoughts on “Series Books

  1. Hi, I love your books Becky McGraw
    I even got my sister reading them. She has already started reading the sleeper seals well she’s a little in front of me, I need to catch up,

    Lovely books by fantastic Authors.


  2. Some of the msst amazing writers are writing in this series. I’m so looking forward to reading them all. Thank you so much for creating this great group of books. We are some damn lucky readers


  3. I know I am going to end up reading all of these books since I have most of the books several of authors have available in e-books. I prefer to binge read series back to back, will there be any box sets published?
    (Also, thanks for including a few quality new-to-me authors that I can add to my library!)


  4. Is this the entire series. I like to have the entire series before I
    began, that way I don’t have to wait for the next book to come out.
    There are some amazing authors writing this book. Thank you
    ladies !!!


    1. Hi, Jan! No, there will be twelve books in the series, which release every two weeks through February 2018. Since they release so frequently, you won’t have to wait! 😀


  5. I’m very excited to read the entire series! Such great authors, all contributing to one series! And Becky, I just met Keegan in HELL BENT, so I can’t wait to read his story!


    1. Becky… Just finished Slow Ride… LOVED IT! ❤ Keegan and Jules are awesome! Up next Michael's Mercy! I'm new to Dale's writing, looking forward to it!


    1. Jan they will be on Amazon too! We just aren’t allowed to put them up until 90 days prior to our release days. That’s Amazon’s rules and we don’t like them either! Haha


  6. I love all the books by these ladies and these covers are great. So I can’t wait for the series to begin. To bad they didn’t come out closer together then I would take a few days off and enjoy them all at once.


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